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"Used Z-post as a replacement for 4 x 4 post that had rotted out. Our fence is alternating reverse panel (one panel neighbors see the fence rail next panel we see the fence rail. Want to use a metal post, but a std. metal post would not work with the reverse panel. Z-post made this easy. Solid."

"Easy to use, no more hardware. My fence looks amazing because you can hide the the post with another board."

"What a great post. I have used these before and glad to see Home Depot is stocking them. They are much easier to to use than the other steel because the flange is wider it allows for a better rail connection and also it works better for a gate post because the wide flange works as gate stop."

"These post worked great on my fence and I was even able to use them as my gate post.. I ran the 2x4 vertically up the post and screwed it to the wide flange. Then I screwed my hinges to the 2x4.. Cool design !!!!"

"I was a little skeptical when my husband wanted to put these in. Turns out he was right - very sturdy, and the fence looks awesome without any breaks for posts (the posts are hidden on the backside). We live in a super windy area, so it's critical to have something sturdy. Great purchase and happy knowing these won't need to be replaced anytime soon"

"Tried these on my back fence 8 years ago and has held up great, tolerating some 60+ MPH winds without issue. When my 20 year old side fence went down this month, I bit the bullet and went with these again. About 3x the cost of a PT 4x4 but I'll never be replacing these again and that's more than worth the cost of admission. Once you get the posts set, putting the rails up is a breeze - all the holes allow infinite adjustment. The edge also makes a great built in gate stop."